Shion Uino is the sushi savant helming sushi AMANE, an intimate nine-seat omakase bar, which was awarded one Michelin star two years in a row and ranked the number one sushi and 13th best overall restaurant on the OAD Top 100 North America List. Shion comes to New York from Sushi Saito, the world-renowned three Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. He became Takashi Saito’s apprentice at age 18, and demonstrated such natural ability that he was placed in charge of the nigiri sushi at the second counter, directly under the master himself. After eight and a half years at one of the finest sushi establishments in the world, he chose Manhattan for the beginning of his next chapter.

Shion’s technique is defined by limited intervention with the finest ingredients, and perfectly seasoned rice. He has a special refrigerator at AMANE for aging fish to achieve specific flavor profiles, a technique for which he is known. 



Hiroto Ochiai is Shion Uino’s right hand man at sushi AMANE, ensuring Uino has everything he needs to perfectly execute his carefully curated omakase experience. Ochiai, also a certified sake sommelier, spent most of his culinary career in Tokyo at a number of different restaurants before being appointed Chef at one Michelin-starred Jean-Georges Tokyo in 2015. When he traveled to New York in 2017, he felt an immediate kinship with Uino and was thrilled to become a part of the sushi AMANE team.